Energy One Electronics provides batteries for a wide range of applications, with our core specialization in the gas and electric utilities industry.

Gas and Electric Batteries

As an experienced battery manufacturer, Energy One Electronics supplies batteries for every application in the electric and gas utility industry. In addition to custom battery pack design and manufacturing, Energy One Electronics is a distributor of all battery chemistries including lithium, NiCd and sealed lead-acid.

We supply replacement utility batteries as well as original equipment manufacturer utility batteries. Often we can provide replacements for obsolete original battery packs and less expensive alternatives to original batteries.

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GPS Batteries

Since 2009, Energy One Electronics has supplied over 375K to CalAmp, a telematics pioneer, for their telematics and asset tracking devices. We are the company behind the product (ER34615-133575 lithium thionyl chloride battery) that energizes these GPS devices for extended use and reliability.

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Energy One Electronics is one of the few stocking suppliers. In fact, with our wide variety of in-stock batteries, we usually ship your product the same day it is ordered!

All batteries come with a “born on” date, assuring you receive only the freshest product. With products in 30 countries worldwide, we are proud of our reputation for supplying quality products, on time, at competitive prices.

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