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Robust Solutions for Industry

In business and industry, you must adapt to change that is introduced at an accelerating pace. Succeeding in this climate requires a partner committed to understanding your unique combination of needs and objectives.

Our company has thrived on continually adapting and meeting such challenges with a comprehensive suite of technology products and services. An experienced battery manufacturer, Energy One Electronics, Inc. has evolved into an end-to-end solutions provider that stands apart.

Let us give you a competitive advantage. Energy One Electronics is a trusted partner to the utilities industry in 30 countries worldwide, where performance and reliability are crucial. Just as the challenges facing utilities in today’s marketplace are infinitely variable, so are our innovative solutions. From inspired problem solving to on-time delivery, let us show how we’ll work with you to achieve the highest standard of success.

Having the right energy solution is critical to success. Energy One Electronics offers a comprehensive suite of products and services. We supply energy solutions for a wide range of applications, including the telematics and tracking industry. Since 2009, we have supplied over 375K batteries to CalAmp for their telematics and asset tracking devices. To learn more about our GPS replacement batteries and to purchase online, visit calampbattery.com. CalAmp devices utilize the latest cellular technology, and you can count on our quality batteries for extended use and reliability in the field.

Our professional and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you. Please submit a request online or call 1-800-332-2436 to discuss your particular requirements. We welcome your inquiries.